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Discover MRCOOL: Leading the Way in HVAC Innovation

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    The HVAC Pioneer

    MRCOOL, headquartered in Hickory, Kentucky, is a well-known provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Their products, known for their DIY-friendly nature, have earned a solid reputation in the market. To explore some of the best MRCOOL range product offerings, you can visit authorized MRCOOL dealers like us and get a Free consultation with our customer service team.

    US or China Made?

    Although MRCOOL is a US-based company, most of their products are indeed manufactured in China. This is a common practice among many brands due to the cost-effectiveness of production in China. However, in response to high import taxes and to improve distribution and quality control, MRCOOL has recently initiated local production as well. Therefore, if you've bought a MRCOOL product recently, there's a good chance it has been made in the USA.

    Who Makes MRCOOL Mini Splits?

    MRCOOL mini splits are primarily manufactured by the company itself. The brand stands out in the HVAC industry with its innovative and high-quality products. If you're a DIY enthusiast, the MRCOOL mini split system is a perfect match. Uncover more about the MRCOOL DIY system and its outstanding features. While they do leverage the manufacturing capabilities of China, the company also assembles and tests their products in the USA, ensuring the products meet their high standards of quality before reaching the customer.

    Where to Buy?

    When buying MRCOOL products, it's important to choose the right authorized dealer, either online or in-store, for a trouble-free and well-supported experience. Beware of online shopping pitfalls with large retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Sylvane and Lowe's, often lacking in after-sales support. Don't let low prices cloud your judgment of reliable customer service so make sure you have a checklist to guide you in selecting the best MRCOOL dealer for your purchase, helping you avoid extra costs and ensuring quality support.

    While big stores may attract, poor customer service can lead to returns and unwanted costs. The right MRCOOL dealer not only offers the product but ensures vital HVAC support.

    MRCOOL products, demanding professional handling for installation and maintenance, are sold only through authorized dealers. With thorough after-sales support and expert advice, your MRCOOL purchase and installation process is seamless.

    Connect with MRCOOL Support

    Reach out to MRCOOL Support directly at 270-366-0457 or via email. Despite their dedication, their high customer volume may result in a potential wait time of up to three months. Recognizing this challenge, we at FrosthubUSA offer a more streamlined approach for our customers. Our 24/7 assistance ensures your issues are promptly addressed and we offer fast-tracked access to MRCOOL's technical support. Expect a response from MRCOOL's team within 24 to 48 hours, avoiding the usual delay.

    Our exceptional customer support, as reflected in our reviews, makes us an ideal choice for your MRCOOL purchases. Be sure to explore MRCOOL's customer reviews on product efficiency, service, and troubleshooting, to make an informed decision about purchasing MRCOOL products.


    Summing up, MRCOOL stands as a prominent name in the HVAC industry, offering a wide range of reliable and DIY-friendly products. Despite the fact that the bulk of their manufacturing occurs in China, they maintain stringent quality control measures, resulting in products that consistently meet high standards. With customer service readily available and products conveniently accessible through numerous dealers, MRCOOL continues to build a strong rapport with its customers. Whether you're seeking a mini split system for your home or looking to become a reseller, MRCOOL's approachable and quality-focused nature makes them a worthy consideration in the HVAC market.


    Q: Where is MRCOOL manufactured?

    A: MRCOOL is designed, warehoused, and processed in Hickory, Kentucky, USA.

    Q: Is MRCOOL a Chinese company?

    A: No, MRCOOL is an American company with its planning, design, and shipping operations based in Kentucky, USA.

    Q: Who is the owner of MRCOOL?

    A: Magnus Cool is the founder and owner of MRCOOL, as well as the driving force behind

    Q: What refrigerant does MRCOOL use?

    A: MRCOOL uses the eco-safe R-410A refrigerant, which is the current standard for American air conditioners and heat pumps.

    Q: How does the MRCOOL system work?

    A: MRCOOL's system operates on a ductless heat pump principle. The indoor coil's refrigerant absorbs heat and transports it through a pipe to the compressor. The heat is then released by the outdoor coil into the air, allowing the cooled refrigerant to cycle back inside and continue the process.

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