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    We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Angi! Now, installing your MRCOOL DIY system or Universal Series has never been easier. We connect you with budget-friendly, proficient handymen for the installation and licensed electricians for the electrical work. Home improvements just got a whole lot smoother with our collaboration with Angi. After you have made a MRCOOL purchase from us, just follow the instructions below to find your installer.

    How does it work?

    Step 1: Pick Your Service

    Looking for a handyman or licensed electrician?

    Step 2: Engage with Angi via Call or Search

    Provide ZIP Code and Service Details

    Step 3: Get Matched with Professionals

    Receive Quotes from Local Licensed Professionals!

    Search now

    Click here to find a handyman

    Click here to find a HVAC technician

    Click here to find a licensed electrician

    Or skip the online search, call Angi today at (866) 460-4049!

    Introducing Angi!

    Get a personalized MrCool sizing consultation today.

    We'll answer questions and find you the right MrCool system — for free.

    24/7 service all year round

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