Everything You Wanted To Know About MRCOOL Universal Cooling-Only Technology

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Make the most of your space with the MRCOOL UNIVERSAL Series cooling-only system, perfectly crafted for warm climates. It's all about energy efficiency and easy operation. This system fits beautifully with different HVAC setups and offers versatile installation choices, whether it's for your home or business. Plus, it runs quietly and won't break the bank, making it a superb choice for meeting your cooling needs.

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    Welcome to the world of MRCOOL's Universal Series! This series features a cooling-only condenser that's been crafted with precision to offer up to 20 SEER efficiency. Whether you're looking to upgrade your cooling system or just curious about what makes MRCOOL stand out, you're in the right place. Today, we're diving into the top features that make this technology a fantastic choice for anyone seeking efficient, adaptable, and user-friendly cooling solutions. So, grab a cup of your favorite drink, get comfortable, and let’s explore what makes MRCOOL’s cooling-only systems so lovable!

    MRCOOL | Universal Central Heat Pump DC Inverter System with COOLING ONLY: Up to 20 SEER. - Universal Series system | MRCOOL | 2-3 Ton Condenser with 36K Air Handler | MDUCO18024036

    Now that we've set the stage for what makes MRCOOL's Universal Cooling-Only Technology so appealing, let's dive into the features of this innovative system. Understanding these features will help us fully appreciate the reasons why falling in love with it is so easy. So, let's get started and explore what sets MRCOOL apart in the world of cooling technologies!

    Advanced Features of the MRCOOL Cooling-Only System

    The system is a champ when it comes to compatibility, working seamlessly with any third-party air handler, thermostat, and high-efficiency furnaces. Plus, it connects effortlessly with devices like the MRCOOL Universal WiFi Thermostat and popular smart thermostats like WiFi/Nest. This means you get to enjoy enhanced home automation and control, making your life easier and more comfortable.

    Seamless Integration and Compatibility

    This system really shines when it comes to playing well with others. It works seamlessly with just about any third-party air handler, thermostat, and high-efficiency furnace out there. Plus, it effortlessly connects with devices like the MRCOOL Universal WiFi Thermostat and popular smart thermostats like WiFi/Nest. What does this mean for you? You get to enjoy enhanced home automation and control, simplifying your life and boosting your comfort. Let's dive in and see how it all works together to keep your space perfectly cool!

    Connection Versatility

    You can choose from three reliable connection types based on your installation preferences:

    • Patented Pre-Charged No-Vac® Quick Connect® Line Set: For quick, hassle-free installation available in various lengths.
    • Traditional Sweat Braze Connection: For a more permanent setup.
    • Flare Connection: Known for its reliability and ease of use.

    Extended configurations are made simpler with No-Vac® Couplers, which link two standard Quick Connect® Line Sets, streamlining installations in larger areas.

    5 Reasons to Choose the MRCOOL Cooling-Only System

    1. Eco-Friendly Efficiency:
    The MRCOOL system uses the eco-conscious R-410A Refrigerant and focuses on electric cooling, providing a greener way to cool your space. With up to 20 SEER efficiency, not only does it use less energy, but it also lowers your electricity bills and helps the planet.

    2. Durable and Quiet Operation:
    Thanks to its Gold Fin® Technology that fights corrosion and Gator-Flextra™ UV Protective Insulation, this system is built to withstand the elements and last long. Plus, it operates quietly, maintaining noise levels between 55-58 dB(a), so you can enjoy a calm and peaceful indoor atmosphere.

    3. Robust Warranty:
    Relax with the confidence that comes from a 10-Year Limited Warranty, which speaks volumes about the system's durability and the manufacturer's trust in its lasting performance.

    4. Flexible Installation Options:
    The MRCOOL A Coil is designed to work seamlessly with the cooling-only condenser, offering upflow and horizontal airflow options. This adaptability makes it perfect for any home layout and installation space.

    5. Comprehensive Home Comfort Solutions:
    Ideal for warm regions needing strong cooling capabilities without the additional heating, this system keeps your indoor temperatures comfortable all year round. And if you need a unit that can handle both heating and cooling, check out the versatile MRCOOL Universal Series Heat and Cool system for complete temperature control in any season.

    FAQ About MRCOOL Universal Cooling-Only

    Q: Can the MRCOOL Universal Series integrate with existing ducted systems?

    A: Yes, the MRCOOL Universal Series is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with existing ducted systems, providing a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

    Q: What is the noise level of the MRCOOL Universal Series?

    A: The Universal Series operates at a low noise level of just 55 dB(a), which is less than half as loud as a conventional condenser​22​.

    Q: How efficient is the MRCOOL Universal Series in extreme temperatures?

    A: The Universal Series demonstrates exceptional efficiency in extreme conditions, maintaining 100% heating capacity at -5°F and 78% at -22°F, and 100% cooling capacity at 115°F and 78% at 130°F​​.

    Q: What is the warranty for the MRCOOL Universal Series?

    A: The warranty period is 10 years for parts if the system is installed by a HVAC certified technician. If a consumer chooses to install the system themselves, the warranty period is reduced to 5 years.

    Q: What type of refrigerant does MRCOOL use?

    A: MRCOOL uses precharged R410A refrigerant, with standard lineset lengths of 15ft, 25ft, 35ft, and 50ft.

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