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4th Generation Energy Rebates

MRCOOL DIY Mini Split - 18K BTU 1.5-Ton 2-Zone (9K + 12K) Ductless AC and Heat Pump w/ pre-charged lines

SKU: DIY-B-218HP0912

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Condenser (x1)

Air Handlers (x2)

Lines Set (x2)

Remote Controls (x2)


Performance for the MRCOOL DIY Mini Split - 18K BTU 1.5-Ton 2-Zone (9K + 12K) Ductless AC and Heat Pump w/ pre-charged lines.

  • Heating: 100% capacity down to -5°F (works till -13°F).
  • Cooling: 100% capacity up to 122°F.
  • Dry Mode: Operates 32°F to 122°F. Note: Potential water droplets in high humidity.

Key Features of the MRCOOL DIY Mini Split - 18K BTU 1.5-Ton 2-Zone (9K + 12K) Ductless AC and Heat Pump w/ pre-charged lines.

  • Pre-Charged DIY® Line Set: Simple installation for up to 5 zones. no HVAC professional needed
  • Eco-Safe R-410A: Kink-resistant, leak-proof, various lengths.
  • MRCOOL® DIY® Series: High EER/SEER; 2-5 zone models.
  • Gold Fin® Condenser: Durable and high performance.
  • SMART HVAC CONTROLLER®: Sync with smart homes, voice commands.
  • Follow Me®: Adjusts per user location.
  • Low Ambient Cooling: Reliable cooling regardless of outside conditions.
  • Smartphone app: DC Inverter, Leakage detection.
  • Quiet Mode: Dramatically lowers noise, perfect for nighttime or quiet spaces, maintaining comfort silently.

As you look for innovative HVAC technology that delivers advanced cooling technology, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits emerge as a standout candidate. These systems are revolutionizing smart home cooling solutions, providing you with an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience. Whether you're tech-savvy or simply seeking efficient climate control, MRCOOL's latest offering has been engineered to exceed expectations, leveraging some of the most advanced features in the industry.

Discover the prowess of MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits, where every component has been meticulously designed for performance. Your home can now enjoy the perfect temperature all year round with a system that's as easy on your wallet as it is on the environment. So, buckle up for a deep dive into the heart of modern, cost-effective cooling – where cutting-edge function meets sleek, user-friendly form.

Key Takeaways

  • Unmatched control over your home's climate with MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits.
  • Advanced cooling technology ensures year-round comfort.
  • Smart home cooling solutions integrate seamlessly into your digital lifestyle.
  • Energy-efficient operation leads to savings on utility bills.
  • DIY-friendly installation puts you in command of your home’s HVAC upgrade.
  • Innovative HVAC technology trusted for its reliability and ease of use.

Introduction to MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits

When considering home climate control, mini split air conditioners have become synonymous with versatility and efficiency. At the forefront of this revolution, MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits are paving the way for high-performance cooling systems that offer far more than just the basic expectations. As you explore the realm of innovative solutions for your home, you'll find that these energy-efficient HVAC systems stand out with their exceptional SEER ratings and robust features.

Building on the success of their predecessors, the latest MRCOOL DIY ductless mini-split systems retain the user-friendly installation process while elevating the overall user experience with significant enhancements. The hallmark of the 4th Gen model is its Energy Star Certified performance, especially notable in the 12k unit, boasting an impeccable SEER of 22. The result? A system that not only promises but delivers efficient operation, manifesting in tangible cost savings.

As your guide through the landscape of sophisticated and efficient temperature control, the new iteration of MRCOOL systems exemplifies what it means to achieve a harmonious balance between high-end functionality and environmental stewardship. Taking a substantial leap from the 3rd Gen models, the 4th Gen MRCOOL Mini Splits are not just climate control units; they're a testament to the future of personalized, eco-conscious home comfort.

Your search for a refined, energy-efficient HVAC system ends here with the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Split, designed for the modern homeowner who desires a blend of high performance, cost-efficiency, and straightforward installation. They represent a step towards a future where home temperature control is intuitive, efficient, and perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Enhanced Comfort with Advanced Cooling Technology

Immerse yourself in the experience of year-round climate mastery with MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits. These pinnacle achievements in the realm of home comfort are not only designed to adapt to your lifestyle but also to reshape it with unprecedented advanced cooling technology. As the seasons change, your ability to precisely maintain the desired ambiance in your home remains steadfast, thanks to the innovative engineering of these energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Year-Round Temperature Control

Your living space will resonate with an ideal balance of cool and warmth as the 4th Gen Mini Splits deftly navigate through intense summers and biting winters. Embrace a consistent indoor climate facilitated by a versatile heat pump and substantial cooling capabilities. The mastery of MRCOOL's technology offers not merely comfort but an enhanced lifestyle adapted to your personal preferences.

SEER Ratings and Energy Efficiency

In today's world, where efficiency is synonymous with savings, the 4th Gen Mini Splits stand out with stellar SEER ratings. These systems promise a significant reduction in your energy bills, all while contributing to a greener earth. Such high efficiency, epitomized by MRCOOL's innovative approach to temperature control, confirms that you can enjoy both luxury and eco-friendliness concurrently in your home. Flexibility and conscientious living find common ground in these exceptional ductless air conditioner designs, crafted to provide tranquility and peace of mind.

Seize control of your indoor environment with MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits, where advanced technology meets energy conservation, forging a path to a future where your home's comfort is in perfect sync with the rhythm of nature.

Revolutionary DIY Installation

Imagine an HVAC upgrade that you can undertake with confidence and ease. That's the reality with the 4th Generation DIY mini split system. Taking the do-it-yourself approach to the next level, installing a ductless heat pump has never been more user-friendly. The advent of the MRCOOL DIYPRO™ MC Cable as part of your mini split system signals an era where simplicity meets sophistication.

With the newest enhancements in the MRCOOL lineup, rest assured that easy installation doesn't sacrifice durability or reliability. Harness the power of a mini split system that has been engineered for the everyday DIY enthusiast without the need for specialized training or tools.

Simplified Setup Process

Step-by-step, the installation process is as straightforward as it gets. From mounting to connection, your transition to cutting-edge climate control is practically seamless. Whether you're retrofitting your current residence or integrating a ductless heat pump into a new construction, the process remains uncomplicated for homeowners eager to take this project into their own hands.

DIYPRO™ MC Cable Benefits

Upgrade your installation experience with MRCOOL's DIYPRO™ MC Cable. This robust addition boosts protection against environmental elements, curious wildlife, and unforeseen yard equipment mishaps. Expect not just an easy installation process, but a robust, reliable system ready to face the elements with steadfast resolve, securing your investment for years to come.

Empower your DIY ambitions with MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Split System, and take pride in installing a high-efficiency heating and cooling solution that promises tranquility, comfort, and ease that resonates throughout your living space.

Configurations for Every Space

Understanding that every home is unique, MRCOOL has crafted an array of options to ensure that your specific climate control needs are met with precision. Whether you're outfitting a compact studio or a sprawling residence, MRCOOL's diverse range of systems ensures optimal comfort in each scenario. Your choice of cooling system significantly influences your home's energy efficiency and overall comfort, making it essential to select a configuration that aligns perfectly with your spatial requirements.

Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Options

Starting with the single-zone unit, it provides a straightforward solution for individual rooms or defined spaces. Perfect for keeping a single area at your ideal temperature, the single-zone option exemplifies streamlined operation. On the other hand, if you require a more tailored approach to climate control across multiple areas, the multi-zone DIY systems allow you to manage different zones independently, affording you a customized comfort experience throughout your dwelling.

BTU Variants and Square Foot Coverage

Matching the square footage of your home to the correct BTU system is critical for achieving peak efficiency. MRCOOL's offerings accommodate a variety of layouts and sizes—starting from the 12k BTU system, designed for spaces around 500 square feet, up to the robust 36k BTU system that can comfortably manage up to 1,500 square feet. Regardless of the indoor unit you select, rest assured that MRCOOL's precise engineering is there to deliver zonal comfort tailored to your living space.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

As homeowners increasingly prioritize energy efficient ac solutions, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits stand out as a paragon of efficiency. Recognized for superior performance, these HVAC systems have earned the Energy Star Certification, particularly notable in the 12k models with an impressive SEER rating of 22. This not only serves your eco-conscious values by ensuring a smaller carbon footprint, but also guarantees noticeable cost savings on your energy bills.

When considering an upgrade to your home's climate control, understanding the importance of investing in an energy efficient HVAC system is crucial. High-performance cooling systems like the 4th Gen not only adapt to your comfort needs with precision but also operate with significantly reduced energy consumption compared to conventional options.

Opting for the eco-friendly cooling options made available by MRCOOL means you're choosing technology that aligns with sustainable living without compromising on the quality of your indoor environment. The 4th Gen Mini Splits offer a unique solution that is both kind to the planet and ideal for maintaining a comfortable, well-regulated home.

Moreover, the beauty of a ductless heat pump system lies in its versatility. Whether you're looking to efficiently heat or cool, these units provide a streamlined, non-obtrusive alternative to traditional HVAC systems. This innovation not only delivers exceptional temperature control but does so with a sleek, unobtrusive design that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your living space.

Incorporating the latest advances in environmental and engineering design, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits redefine what it means to deliver an eco-friendly cooling solution without sacrificing high-performance standards. The future of home comfort looks promising with energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC options like these on the market.

Embrace the sustainable transformation of your home without losing out on functionality or efficiency. The MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits offer a dependable, energy-smart choice for those looking to upgrade their home's climate control systems with elite, high-performance cooling systems that cater to both your budget and the environment.

MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits - A Smart Home Cooling Solution

Embark on the era of smart home cooling solutions with the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits. These advanced systems offer not just a leap in cooling efficiency but also seamless integration with the latest smart home technologies. You're not only investing in a product that will keep your home at the perfect temperature but also one that will smartly interface with your favorite devices for a truly connected home experience.

Integration with Smart Home Devices

Dive into the future of home automation with your MRCOOL mini split system, designed to sync effortlessly with popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With voice commands, manage your home's temperature without lifting a finger. This sophisticated compatibility not only reinforces convenience but also fosters an adaptive living environment responsive to your voice.

Remote Control and Smart Controller App

Control is always at your fingertips, thanks to the remote control and the intuitive MRCOOL Smart Controller App. Whether you are on the couch or away from home, adjust settings, monitor temperatures, and regulate your indoor climate directly through your smartphone. This cutting-edge flexibility is the cornerstone of the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits, ensuring you can enjoy a consistent and comfortable atmosphere in every room.

By choosing MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits, you're not just upgrading your HVAC system; you're embracing a smarter, more responsive way to stay cool. Compatibility with smart devices and user-friendly apps places climate control firmly in your hands, creating a living space that’s as modern as it is manageable.

Cost-Effective Cooling Solutions with Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

As you explore options for a comfortable indoor environment, MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits present a fusion of cost-effective cooling solutions and environmental responsibility. Powered by the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant, these systems are not only compliant with contemporary environmental standards but also contribute to significant cost savings on your energy bills.

R-410A Refrigerant and Environmental Impact

The choice of R-410A refrigerant for the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits is a discerning one, as it boasts a significantly lower environmental impact than its predecessors. This hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) does not contribute to ozone depletion, making it a preferred choice for eco-conscious homeowners seeking energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Saving Money on Utility Bills

With the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits, the combined advantages of high-efficiency operation and the use of R-410A refrigerant result in reduced utility bills. Each meticulously engineered system ensures that your investment translates into long-term savings, all while maintaining optimal levels of home comfort. The strategic implementation of such cost-effective and sustainable technology is what sets these HVAC systems apart.

Embrace a cooler, greener home with MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits, where the commitment to eco-friendly cooling proactively reduces utility costs and promotes environmental well-being.

Comparing 4th Gen to Previous Generations

The quest for ideal home comfort has been revolutionized time and again by MRCOOL, particularly with its latest release. With the introduction of the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits, discerning users now have at their disposal upgraded features and advancements that eclipse the capabilities of prior models. This evolution in design and technology speaks volumes about the continuous improvement philosophy that MRCOOL has honed over the years.

When you compare generations of MRCOOL's mini-split systems, it becomes evident that the transition to the 4th generation has been grounded in delivering substantial enhancements in energy efficiency and user experience.

What Sets the 4th Gen Apart?

What truly distinguishes the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits from their predecessors is a synergy of advanced components and consumer-oriented design. The 4th generation stands as a testament to a commitment toward not only meeting but exceeding user expectations for home climate control solutions.

With eyes firmly set on the future, MRCOOL has engineered these units to be more attuned to the modern-day demands for smart, efficient, and customizable cooling options. The generational leap is not just a step but a stride towards an HVAC experience that promises ease and excellence.

Improvements Over 3rd Gen Models

The leap from the 3rd to the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits is most visible in the system upgrades, which signify a turning point in the DIY HVAC revolution. Key among these upgraded features is the introduction of the innovative DIYPRO™ MC cable which streamlines installation while ensuring a durable and steadfast connection between the air handler and condenser.

Energy efficiency has also leapt forward; the 12k model's remarkable SEER rating of 22 epitomizes the brand's progression. As regulations tighten and environmental consciousness grows, these advancements in efficiency are not just responsive to market changes—they're shaping the very standards of home climate control.

The tangible improvements of the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits offer a clear comparison of generations, highlighting the remarkable progress in HVAC technologies and solidifying MRCOOL's stature within the industry.

The All-Important HVAC Warranty Offer

Investing in a reliable and dependable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for your home not only provides comfort but also peace of mind. This assurance is significantly heightened when your system is backed by a solid HVAC warranty. MRCOOL understands the importance of warranty coverage for your 4th Gen Mini Splits, presenting a robust warranty package that guarantees long-term performance and reliability.

Lifetime Compressor Warranty Details

For the ultimate peace of mind, MRCOOL offers an exceptional lifetime compressor warranty for its 4th Gen Mini Splits. This comprehensive coverage ensures that if the compressor— the heart of your cooling system—ever fails, you'll be provided with a new one. To qualify for this outstanding assurance, simply enroll in the exclusive MRCOOL Care Kit program. It's a testament to the brand's confidence in their high-quality compressors and their commitment to your uninterrupted comfort.

Standard and Extended Warranty Options

Whether or not you choose the MRCOOL Care Kit program, your 4th Gen Mini Split comes standard with a 5-year parts warranty along with a 7-year compressor warranty. This represents MRCOOL's pledge to deliver reliable and lasting HVAC solutions. The unwavering trust placed in MRCOOL units is underscored by these generous warranties, each designed to ensure that your investment in home comfort is secure and that support from MRCOOL is always just a call away.

Ductless Air Conditioner Efficiency

When it comes to maintaining a year-round comfortable environment in your home, a ductless mini split system represents the pinnacle of convenience and efficiency. The MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits are lauded for their high SEER ratings, a clear indicator of an efficient AC system's ability to provide significant energy savings while effectively serving your heat cool needs.

Imagine a system that tailors to your exact spatial configuration, heating or cooling areas without the need for extensive ductwork. This flexibility is not only a testament to the MRCOOL 4th Gen's design but also contributes to its superior energy efficiency. You benefit from a ductless setup that minimizes heat loss and maximizes output.

Every aspect of the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits, from the innovative inverter technology to the eco-friendly refrigerant, has been meticulously developed to ensure you can enjoy comfort without cost concerns. The integration of smart technologies further amplifies the system's efficiency, enabling you to control temperatures and monitor energy usage from anywhere.

  • Enjoy a flexible installation that complements any room's aesthetics without the intrusive element of ductwork.
  • Take advantage of an HVAC system that adapts to both hot summers and cold winters with ease.
  • Experience reduced energy bills thanks to a system designed to conserve energy at every operation point.

In your ongoing pursuit of an energy-saving home environment, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits stand as a symbol of operational excellence. Their advanced engineering not only heats and cools spaces with remarkable finesse but does so with an understanding of the conservation needs of the modern world.

User Experience and Operational Convenience

Stepping into the realm of MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits, you'll discover a world where user experience and operational convenience are paramount. These systems are designed to optimize your comfort with user-friendly features that simplify routine maintenance and make troubleshooting a breeze.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

MRCOOL has engineered the 4th Gen Mini Splits to be as user-friendly as possible. Maintenance reminders keep your system running efficiently, prompting you to clean filters or schedule regular check-ups. And with simple, accessible components, routine maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it's been streamlined to ensure that you can keep your system in top condition with minimal fuss.

Troubleshooting and Alerts

When it comes to keeping your system up and running, MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits communicate directly with you. Troubleshooting codes appear on the digital display, quickly alerting you to any issues that need attention. This easy operation allows for swift diagnostics and helps you guide maintenance professionals directly to the source of the problem, saving time and hassle.

MRCOOL's commitment to operational convenience shines through with the smart design of their Mini Splits. Whether you're an experienced DIYer or new to the world of HVAC, the clear alerts and reminders ensure that your system is not just a part of your home, but a partner in your ongoing comfort.

Customizable Air Conditioning with MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone Systems

Take control of your multi-zone comfort with a custom mini split system perfect for your unique space. MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Mini Splits offer a flexible approach to heating and cooling, allowing you to mix and match ceiling cassette air handlers with wall-mounted units for a truly personalized solution. No matter the size or shape of your rooms, there's an efficient, effective configuration waiting to be discovered.

Building Your Own Custom Mini Split System

Imagine the freedom to design an HVAC system that adapts to your lifestyle and space—not the other way around. With MRCOOL's DIY installation, it's easy to select and set up the right mix of ceiling cassette and wall-mounted air handlers. You'll be able to create zones that cater to the varying occupant needs while delivering energy-efficient comfort wherever it's desired.

Combining Ceiling Cassettes and Wall-Mounted Handlers

With MRCOOL, the possibilities are almost limitless. Pair compact ceiling cassette air handlers with wall-mounted units to get the best of both worlds: discreet installation and powerful performance. Seamlessly integrate the low-profile cassettes into any décor while leveraging the direct airflow of wall units for concentrated comfort. The result is a cohesive system that works together to maintain the ideal environment in every zone of your home.

Design and Aesthetics of the 4th Gen Mini Split

As you upgrade your home's climate system, you don't have to sacrifice style for efficiency. The MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits have raised the bar, offering both aesthetic design and discreet installation. These modern mini splits are crafted to complement your home's decor while providing top-notch climate control.

Let's delve into the specific design features that make these air handlers as visually appealing as they are functional.

Ceiling Cassette Discreet Installation

Integrating seamlessly into your space, the 4th Gen Mini Splits' ceiling cassettes ensure a discreet installation. Positioned unobtrusively overhead, they provide a sleek and clean appearance that enhances the room's ambience without drawing unnecessary attention. These cassettes are an ideal solution for homeowners who value both sophistication and subtlety in their climate control systems.

Air Handler Design Considerations

The low profile air handlers are specifically designed keeping in mind the modern homeowner's need for minimalism and functionality. They offer versatile placement options, making them perfect for both new structures and retrofit projects. With their subtle yet high-performance presence, MRCOOL's air handlers truly encapsulate the essence of modern mini splits - delivering comfort without compromise.

Step into an era where your HVAC system blends into the aesthetic of your area—a pleasing environment powered by MRCOOL.

MRCOOL's Innovative HVAC Technology Advancements

Step into the world of innovative HVAC technology where the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits live at the intersection of advancement and user comfort. This latest leap in home cooling systems showcases MRCOOL's commitment to refining climate control, with features that resoundingly meet the evolving demands of modern residences across the United States.

With a design that reflects this pioneering spirit, these high-performance cooling systems are not only about maintaining temperature but also about enhancing the quality of life in a tangible, meaningful way. Dive into an ecosystem where efficiency is seamlessly blended with smart home technology, all to deliver a personalized experience like no other.

Imagine installing a mini split system in your home that's engineered for both robust performance and intuitive interaction. The DIY ethos of MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits empowers you, the homeowner, with the ability to undertake installation with confidence—no specialized tools or professional assistance required. It’s a clear nod to user empowerment and the brand's recognition of the DIY movement’s impact on home improvement projects.

The MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits are not only realized through forward-thinking design but also through thoughtful features that cater to your individual needs. Here lies the convergence of visionary technology and functionality—a choice that ensures your home remains your sanctuary, resilient through sweltering summers and chilly winters alike.

Practical Features for Optimal Performance

Delve into the dynamic features of the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits that define their superior performance. With technology that caters to not just today’s but also future needs for efficient climate management, these units are equipped with innovations designed to heighten your comfort and simplify your life. Let's explore the advanced components that make these mini splits stand out from the rest.

Gold Fin® Condenser and DC Inverter Technology

At the core of the 4th Gen MRCOOL Mini Splits lies the corrosion-resistant Gold Fin® Condenser. This component is built to withstand the harshest elements, ensuring a longer lifespan for your system. Paired with DC inverter technology, these mini splits promise not just resilience but also adaptability. This inverter tech enables the system to adjust its output to precisely match your cooling and heating demands, translating into lower energy consumption and heightened efficiency.

Low Ambient Cooling and Dehumidifying Capabilities

Your indoor climate should be an oasis, regardless of the temperature outside. That’s where MRCOOL’s low ambient cooling comes into play. Able to maintain performance even in cooler climates, these mini splits provide reliable comfort year-round. Furthermore, the built-in dehumidifying function ensures that your environment remains dry and pleasant, effectively managing humidity levels to create an even more comfortable space.

Together, these innovative features of the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits represent a commitment to delivering a system that not only meets your immediate comfort needs but also does so with an eye towards long-term performance and sustainability. Experience the ideal indoor atmosphere, optimized for both efficiency and endurance.


The search for an HVAC solution that rises to the challenges of modern living concludes with the introduction of the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits. Aspiring towards more than just temperature regulation, these systems embody the essence of innovative hvac technology, infusing your space with energy-efficient comfort year-round. Ingeniously designed to synergize with digital advancements, they cater to the ever-growing demand for cost-effective cooling solutions in the rhythm of your smart home life.

In your pursuit of an ideal climate system, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits stand out by blending high-performance cooling with impressive SEER ratings, solidifying their status as eco-friendly cooling options. With the spotlight on sustainability, these systems promise notable reductions in energy consumption—translating directly to savings on your monthly bills. Your climate comfort is enhanced, all while your environmental footprint shrinks.

The combination of DIY-friendly installation, customizable configurations, and user-centric controls, paired with an attractive warranty, places MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits at the forefront of home cooling solutions. Navigate the nuances of your indoor atmosphere with ease, trusting in the relentless innovation and reliability that MRCOOL brings to your doorstep. Undoubtedly, this latest generation of HVAC systems reshapes the way you think about home comfort, ensuring your space is always a haven of tranquility—every day, every season.


How does the 4th Gen MRCOOL Mini Split differ from previous generations?

The 4th Gen MRCOOL Mini Split builds upon the strengths of prior models, enhancing energy efficiency with an improved SEER rating of 22 for the 12k model, incorporating the DIYPRO™ MC cable for easier installation, and introducing smart home integration, among other advanced features.

Can the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits integrate with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa?

Yes, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits are designed to work seamlessly with smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, offering you the convenience of controlling your HVAC system with voice commands or through a smart device app.

What are the energy efficiency ratings for the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits?

MRCOOL's 4th Gen Mini Splits are Energy Star Certified, demonstrating superior energy efficiency. For instance, the 12k model boasts an impressive SEER rating of 22, indicating high energy savings and cost-effectiveness.

Are the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits easy to install?

Yes, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits maintain the brand's dedication to DIY installation. The new DIYPRO™ MC cable simplifies the process further, allowing for a more streamlined and secure setup without the need for specialized tools or professional assistance.

What size spaces can the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits cover?

The MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits offer a range of BTU capacities to cater to different sized spaces. The systems vary from 12k BTU models suitable for spaces around 500 square feet, up to 36k BTU models for larger areas. The brand offers both single-zone and multi-zone systems to provide comfort in various settings.

How do the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits save on utility bills?

With their high SEER ratings, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits operate more efficiently, using less energy to cool or heat your space. The efficient use of energy translates to lower utility bills, providing cost-effective cooling and heating solutions.

What kind of warranty does MRCOOL offer for the 4th Gen Mini Splits?

MRCOOL offers a comprehensive warranty for the 4th Gen Mini Splits. This includes a lifetime compressor warranty and a 7-year unit replacement as part of the MRCOOL Care Kit program. Additionally, there's a standard 5-year parts warranty and a 7-year compressor warranty, ensuring peace of mind for consumers.

Can the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits provide both cooling and heating?

Yes, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits are equipped with heat pump technology, allowing them to provide cooling during warmer months and heating when it's cold, ensuring year-round comfort in your home.

What makes the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits eco-friendly?

The MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits use the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant, which has a lower environmental impact than other refrigerants. In addition, the systems' high energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions by consuming less power.

Are there customizable options for the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits?

Yes, MRCOOL offers customizable options for the 4th Gen Mini Splits with the ability to mix and match different air handlers, including ceiling cassettes and wall-mounted units, to create a multi-zone system tailored to your specific cooling and heating needs.

What design features do the 4th Gen MRCOOL Mini Splits offer?

The 4th Gen MRCOOL Mini Splits feature a modern and sleek design, with discreet ceiling cassettes that blend seamlessly into your living space. The air handlers are designed for aesthetic appeal and functional versatility to complement any room's decor.

How does the Gold Fin® Condenser enhance the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits?

The Gold Fin® Condenser is designed to resist corrosion and extend the lifespan of the Mini Split systems. Together with the DC inverter technology, it ensures optimal performance and durability in various environmental conditions.

Can the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits function in low ambient temperatures?

Yes, the MRCOOL 4th Gen Mini Splits come with low ambient cooling technology, allowing the system to effectively cool even when external temperatures are low. They also offer dehumidifying functions for added indoor comfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Air Handler Guide: Coverage & Matching

Always calculate the BTU of your air handler (AH) based on the square footage of each zone where you intend to install one.

9,000 BTU (AH) covers 375 square feet.
12,000 BTU
(AH) covers 550 square feet.
18,000 BTU
( AH) covers 800 square feet.
24,000 BTU
(AH) covers 1,050 square feet.
36,000 BTU
(AH) covers 1,550 square feet.

Understand Your Mini-Splits System: Here's How BTU Limits Work.

You can choose high BTU air handlers for powerful heating and cooling. However, if you plan to run multiple air handlers at the same time, you need to consider the main unit's (condenser) maximum power.

Here's how it works: Let's say the condenser can handle 18,000 BTU, and you have two indoor air handlers, each at 12,000 BTU. If you run them both simultaneously, they'll automatically drop down to 9,000 BTU each. They do this to match the condenser's 18,000 BTU limit, ensuring everything runs safely.

If you plan to run only one air handler at a time, a lower BTU condenser might be fine. But if you plan to run all of the air handlers together, you might want to opt for a higher BTU condenser. This way, you can enjoy the full power of each air handler without overloading the system.

HVAC Performance & Specification Sheet

Heating Performance: The DIY mini-split can heat at 100% capacity at – 5 degrees Fahrenheit, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooling Performance: The DIY mini-split can cool at 100% capacity with outdoor temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dry Mode: The operating range is from 32°F to 122°F.

Note: If the air conditioner runs for an extended time in cooling mode in high humidity (above 80%), water droplets may form and drip from the unit. To prevent this, adjust the vertical airflow louver to its maximum angle (pointing downwards) and switch to high fan mode.

Warranty & Manuals

All DIY® 4th gen systems have a *LIMITED LIFETIME compressor warranty, 7-year replacement, and 5-year parts warranty for the original owner.

To qualify for the limited lifetime warranty, purchase the mrcool cleaning kit ($117) twice a year, clean your mini-splits and register it on the official MRCOOL website once the cleaning is done.

📑 DIY Multi-Zone Brochure

📑 Quick Start Setup Guide

📑 Installation Owner's Manual

📑 Performance Specification

📑 Troubleshooting Solution Guide

📑 Remote Control User Manual

📑 Ceiling Cassette Manual

📑 Ceiling Cassette Specification

📑 Warranty Statement

📑 Multi-Zone AHRI Certifications: 18K BTU - 27K BTU - 36K BTU - 48K BTU

📑 Multi-Zone Energy Guide Certifications: 18K BTU - 27K BTU - 36K BTU - 48K BTU

Often Asked Questions

  1. Does MRCOOL Mini Split qualify for tax credit? 
    Only the MRCOOL DIY Mini Split systems in the single zone and multizone 18,000 - 27,000 BTU range qualify for rebates. For detailed information on rebates and incentives, visit the MRCOOL Rebate Center at This will guide you on the available savings for these specific systems.

  2. How does a MRCOOL mini split work?
    A MRCOOL mini split transfers heat between indoor and outdoor units using refrigerant, offering ductless heating and cooling. With DC inverter technology, the compressor adjusts its speed based on heating or cooling needs, ensuring precise temperature control, better energy efficiency, and extended system lifespan.

  3. What is the difference between MRCOOL DIY and Advantage?
    MRCOOL DIY systems are designed for DIY installation, while Advantage systems require professional installation. Additionally, DIY systems typically have higher SEER ratings and more advanced features.

  4. Are MRCOOL mini splits really DIY?
    Yes, MRCOOL mini splits are designed for DIY installation, featuring pre-charged refrigerant lines and quick-connect systems for ease of setup. They do not require an HVAC technician for installation or vacuuming the lines, making the process more accessible and cost-effective for homeowners.

  5. Does MRCOOL Mini split heat well?
    Yes, MRCOOL Mini Splits are designed to provide efficient heating in addition to cooling, making them suitable for year-round comfort. The DIY Mini-Split can heat at 100% capacity at -5 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain effective heating even with outdoor temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring consistent performance in extreme conditions.

  6. Is MRCOOL DIY reliable? 
    Yes, their systems are renowned for reliability, backed by strong customer reviews and extensive warranties: 5 years on parts, 7 years on the compressor, and a lifetime compressor warranty with biannual use of the recommended cleaning kit. This underscores the brand's dedication to quality and customer contentment.

  7. Where are MRCOOL mini splits made?
    All their systems are designed and assembled in the United States, using components from around the world.

  8. How long does it take to install a MRCOOL DIY mini split?
    The installation time for a MRCOOL DIY mini split may vary, but typically, it can be completed within a day by a competent DIYer.

  9. How much should I expect to pay for a MRCOOL DIY mini split?
    The cost of a MRCOOL DIY mini split system starts between $2,000 and $5,000, and can increase with system capacity, features, and the addition of more zones.

  10. Where to buy a MRCOOL DIY mini split?
    It can be purchased through various online retailers, HVAC suppliers, and home improvement stores. By choosing to buy from us, at, you'll benefit from our 24/7 customer support and 48-hour emergency technical assistance, ensuring prompt help when you need it most. This level of support is a significant advantage over purchasing from other sellers, where you might wait months to receive technical assistance.

Optional Add-on Items

Protect your AC system with the MRCOOL®  Line Set Cover.
The MRCOOL Line Set Cover spans three 4ft sections, totaling 12ft. Exclusively designed for a single line set, its robust design guards against environmental impacts and can be painted in your preferred color for a polished look.

Mount your condenser securely with the MRCOOL® Wall Bracket.
This bracket is the perfect solution for securely and safely mounting your condenser unit to the wall, freeing up valuable space on the ground and providing added protection against potential damage. Not suitable for the 48K condenser.

Keep your DIY system clean with the MRCOOL® Cleaning Kit.
To be eligible for the Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensure you clean your system every six months and register it on the MRCOOL official website.

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  • Multi-Zone

    Multi-zone technology gives you flexibility and control whenever and wherever you want it.

  • 5 Zone Options

    Now you'll be able to heat and cool up to 5 rooms at a time with the MRCOOL® DIY® 5 Zone Multi-Zone unit.

  • R-410 Quick Connect® Line Set

    Available in 16', 25', 35', and 50' options, pre-charged linesets enable easy installation of this ductless system.

  • NEW DIYPRO™ Cable

    The included DIYPro™ Cable eliminates the need for electrical conduit, providing more safety, higher mechanical protection, and durability.

  • Follow Me® Function

    Keep the remote close by, and MRCOOL DIY® will track the air temperature around you to ensure you receive maximum comfort.

  • Leakage Detection

    When the MRCOOL DIY® detects low coolant, an alarm sounds to prevent compressor damage and maintain air comfort.

  • Cooling Down to 5°F

    This feature makes the MRCOOL DIY® the ideal system for server rooms, greenhouses, and any other application that requires cooling all year.

  • Auto Restart

    Power outage? Don’t worry, the MRCOOL DIY®auto restart will have the unit running again in no time at all.

  • Sleep Mode - 24-Hour Comfort

    We made Sleep Mode easy to program to save money, and let you sleep a little easier.

  • Louver Position Memory

    Horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time the unit was turned on.

  • Gold Fin® Condenser

    Live on the coast? Don’t worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion.

  • Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

    The new MRCOOL® Smart HVAC Controller® Module and App fully support Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa out of the box.

  • Best Warranty in the Business

    All DIY® systems have a LIMITED LIFETIME compressor warranty, 7-year replacement, and 5-year parts warranty for the original owner.